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Logistics has come to play a significant role in economies worldover. Today we find the influence of Logistics in all aspects of our life. The transportation of goods from point of origin to the final destination can be broadly classified into the following segments:



Value Added Services

Right from inception, end2end has focused on providing Total Logistics Solutions to the Export/Import community. With the expertise and experience gained collectively over the years, end2end is impeccably positioned to provide custom-made solutions that are efficient, holistic, and cost-efficient. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in logistics and makes a significant impact on any logistics business. The attention to detail and empathy with the specific needs of the customer, has translated into an enviable position for end2end, in the minds of our customers.

Some of our dedicated and customized service sectors include-
  • Freight booking
  • Air, ocean and surface transportation
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Buyer consolidation
  • Special facilities for movement of perishables and bulk liquids
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Consultation for import or export trade
  • Cargo management
  • Value added services .

We at end2end understand that in the present day scenario, complex logistics issues need to be whittled down into simple solutions, which the customer is able to immediately relate to, and implement. A well thought out back office setup, ensures that when most people sleep, the time consuming background work is completed and filtered, and a compact solution package is ready to be reviewed and offered.

The cutting edge logistic solutions offered by end2end facilitate in:
  • Clinching business growth
  • Reducing cycle times
  • Reducing unnecessary communication costs
  • Management of transport cost
  • Management of corporate growth strategies
  • Tracking shipments with complete data and real time updates
  • Efficient movement of Food stuffs, hazardous chemicals, pharmaceutical products , and other sensitive commodities.