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Moving goods safely and in time is the second process of relocation. Thanks to our wide network of associates in India and abroad moving has never been so easy. The efficiency and reliability of our vendors like transporters, shipping lines etc. makes it possible to move and deliver the shipments on time.

Whether it is moving within India or across the globe, we always ensure that our customers get the best service levels. Such is the faith we repose in all our associates.

At end2end relocations, we specialize in handling the following moves:

Inbound Move

This covers the entire process of moving into India from any country across the world. Right from your departure assistance from the country of origin to settling-in comfortably in India we manage everything for you.

Outbound Move

When you are required to leave India, we once again help you through with the entire relocation process.


Step by Step Guide for a Hassle Free Relocation

Relocating between countries can be a mammoth task. There are always far too many aspects involved, each having numerous sub-tasks that need to be performed. It is always advisable to plan and make preparations for your relocation well in advance. Having sufficient time to implement plans as well as addressing contingencies is crucial to ensure that your relocation goes off smoothly from start to finish. Hence, having an organized, workable plan that you can start implementing about 30 days before relocation is the ideal answer to most relocation hassles.

We understand that jotting down every point related to moving can be difficult. In order to assist you in this process, we have devised the following checklist that segregates common relocation tasks in a week based schedule. You can personalize this checklist by adding your individual requirements. All the best!

Weekly Relocation Checklist

Week 12 – Week 9
  • Should your relocation be sponsored by your organization, check your company policy for relocating employees. Segregate tasks that are being handled by the company and the ones that will need to be handled by you.
  • Identify a prospective date for the relocation. You will be creating your schedule based on this date, plus or minus two days.
  • If you intend to sell your home, this would be the right time to start looking for buyers. In the case of rental homes, you will need inform your landlord about you relocation and submit a formal notice to vacate.
  • Start looking for reliable, reputed and efficient movers who will handle the relocation for you.
Week 8 – Week 7
  • Choose ‘end2end relocations’ as your relocation partner after reviewing our impressive record of flawless services.
  • Create a list of everyone you will need to inform about your new address and make updates to your contacts list.
  • Segregate all items that will not be needed and put them up for sale at the earliest.
  • Make sure that your accounts are in order. Get in touch with your accountant to learn if any of the relocation expenses are tax-deductable.
Week 6
  • Verify if your passport and visa meet the requirements of the relocation. Should any changes or updates be needed, get in touch with a professional agency to execute it.
  • Check local laws as well as those of the country that you are moving and verify if any permits or licenses are required.
  • Ensure that your travel tickets and documentation are in order.
  • Verify if you need to undergo any mandatory vaccination
  • Make a single folder contain all your important personal documents such as birth certificate, educational certificates as well as medical records. Check every document before storing them.
  • Inform institutions such as banks, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers and building societies that are associated with you about your relocation.
  • Empty the garage, attic or shed and dispose of unnecessary items.
  • Have magazine subscriptions and club memberships cancelled.
Week 5
  • Initiate the process of having your children’s school records to be moved to their new school.
  • Establish concrete dates for pickup and delivery with your relocation partner. Have the mover arrange storage if needed.
  • Segregate your possessions into three categories: a) to be shipped, b) to be carried personally, and c) to be disposed of.
  • Get valuables such as diamond jewellery or antiques valued and certified before moving.
  • Book you air tickets and arrange for ground transport including airport pick up and drop.
  • Check with you airline about baggage weight allowance and verify if you will need to pay for excess baggage as well as items that incur a customs tax.
Week 4
  • Make a final sale of unwanted items. You can donate what does not sell.
  • Verify relocation schedule with you mover again.
  • Send a formal email, letter or card to family, friends, and associated institutions notifying your change of address.
Week 3
  • Send a formal notification of date of disconnection to utilities departments such as water, electricity, television satellite connections, and telephone landlines.
  • Inform your bank and credit card firm about your address change. Cancel the cards you will not be using and apply for new ones where needed.
Week 2
  • Address all financial aspects such as transfer of bank accounts and safe deposits. Also, settle pending bills with your investment advisor or broker.
  • Have your pet immunized. Begin arranging for the pet’s transportation, including travel, licensing and records.
  • Contact the administrator of the buildings that you are moving out of as well as moving into, and reserve service elevators for the dates of moving out and moving in, respectively.
  • Empty the fuel tanks of power equipment such as generators.
  • It would be advisable to hire help to take care of children and pets a day before the moving date.
Final Week
  • Keep minimal perishable food, dispose of what you will not be using and defrost the refrigerator.
  • Complete packing of the items you will be carrying with you, leaving only absolutely necessary daily use items which will be packed on the moving day.
  • Acquire traveller’s checks for payments to be made to be made to the relocation partner as well for expenses during the trip.
  • Wash and dry all electronic appliances that will then be packed and shipped.
  • Inform neighbours to allow sufficient parking space for moving vehicles on the relocation date.
  • On the relocation date itself, allow ‘company name’ to handle the entire packing and moving, providing basic guidance when needed.
  • Run a final check of the premises and make sure that everything has been cleared.

‘end2endglobal’ is your ideal relocation partner offering professional end to end packing, moving and freight forwarding services. We also specialize in moving pets and offer free guidance about customs and baggage requirements. With ‘end2endglobal’, you can sit back, relax, while we move your world for you.

Local / Domestic Move

This involves handling inter-city or intra-city moves, be it across the street or across the states. We help you move anywhere within the country and provide all support till you settle down at the new location.

Office Move

When you need to move an entire office with office files/records, workstations, systems & servers, printers, filing cabinets, safes & vaults, pantry etc., we provide quick and efficient solutions. Our office move solution ensures that your new office is up and running within the minimum possible time.

A proven methodology is used to ensure efficient execution of the move. Each department is allocated a color code and all the items packed from the respective department are tagged with the same color for easy identification and delivery at the other location.

A dedicated supervisor is put in charge of each department with the responsibility of finishing the task at hand smoothly.