Moving » Inbound Process

The Initial Contact

When you make the initial contact requesting the quote our relocation professionals interview you in detail and note down your exact requirements. Based on the analysis of your requirements a quotation is prepared and sent to you. Taking into consideration the exigency of the matter our team has been primed to reply with the same working day if possible.

The Green Light

After receiving your affirmation of the quote, the relocation team offers its assistance in shipping your goods to India, offering tips on the simplest methods for conveyance of your goods.

Taking Charge

A move co-ordinator is appointed to exclusively manage your account once all shipping documents and other relevant information is received. The co-ordinator will personally take charge and handle the entire process of relocation until you settle down comfortably at your new residence.

The move co-ordinator liaises with the Airline and Shipping line and monitors every step of the transit closely taking the requisite action whenever necessary.

Personal Guidance

The date is set for signing of documents required for Customs procedure. The meeting is personally attended by t he Managing Director of the company who gives a broader overview of the formalities involved and the company best practices.

Customs Formalities

All Customs formalities are taken care of by our very own Customs Clearing division. All necessary documents are prepared and submitted to the authorities for clearance. If the Customs authorities insist on a presence of assignee during the examination of goods, a convenient date is sought for the appointment. Under extreme circumstances when you are not in a position to present yourself at the appointed hour for the examination of the goods, the formalities can be completed in your absences by filing the necessary paperwork.

On completion of the Customs formalities and payment of the necessary taxes and duties arrangements are made to transport the goods to the destination. Your move co-ordinator carries out all the activities in consultation with you and after getting your express approval.

Storage in Transit

Storage of goods can be arranged in case your new residence in not ready for occupation yet.

Delivering the Goods

The finale of this voyage is the delivery of the goods to your new residence. Our relocation crew moves in to setup your house and arrange your goods professionally to your complete satisfaction.

All goods are checked and tallied against the documents and is submitted for your scrutiny and approval. After the formalities are complete we sign off and make a quiet retreat. The part that makes our day is your compliment on a job well done.