Moving » Outbound Process

The Initial Contact

When you call in to avail our services our team fixes a suitable date for the survey of your goods. Our relocation specialist will arrive at the appointed hour to make an assessment of the goods

On the specified day of the survey, our Move Consultant will reach your residence at the given time and gather information about the volume of the goods, the packing requirements, preferred mode of transport and the shipment and delivery schedule.

The Estimate

A quote is prepared based on various parameters like volume / nature of goods, shipment options and other logistical considerations. The advantage of end2end is its overall transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Taking Charge

On approval of the quote our relocation team takes charge sets the dates for packing of the goods. The crew accompanied by the supervisor will undertake the packing of the goods using the best available options to safeguard your goods. All goods are carefully padded and packed into appropriate cartons. On completion of the necessary documentation formalities the goods are transported to our warehouse.

Protective care

The goods on reaching our warehouse is vouchsafed protective care till it is time for moving. All goods are systematically crated and stored in their designated place. Crating of goods helps in protecting them from pilferage or damage. We can hold your goods for you as long as you wish or until the time you give us the go-ahead to move it. Once crated the goods are given special markings to help in easy identification during transit,

Customs Formalities

When the goods are ready to be shipped our very own Customs clearance division swings into action. The goods are transported to the Air / Sea port and handed over to the Airline or Shipping Line after completing the Customs formalities. All necessary care is taken to ensure the safe conduct of the goods until it is handed over.

Reaching Out

end2end team monitors the movement of the goods all through the voyage till it reaches the destination port keeping you updated at every step. Once the goods land, our associates pick up the thread and begin the process of taking charge of the goods and delivering it to your new residence.

Delivering the Goods

The finale of this voyage is the delivery of the goods to your new residence. Our relocation crew moves in to setup your house and arrange your goods professionally to your complete satisfaction.

All goods are checked and tallied against the documents and is submitted for your scrutiny and approval. After the formalities are complete we sign off and make a quiet retreat. The part that makes our day is your compliment on a job well done.