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end2end is one of the leading air freight forwarding companies in India engaged in providing comprehensive air logistics solutions. We efficiently handle various air freight import from anywhere in the world. Our broad network of agents is efficient in arranging contacts with your suppliers to get your consignment picked up and air freighted to India.

Over the years, we have been meeting the air freight needs of our customers in the most expeditious, reliable and professional manner. Our on-time performance records have helped us in attaining a broad list of clients worldwide. We prioritise on quality oriented services to meet the expectations of our clients and provide the following Air freight import services:

  • Handling various import formalities for the shipment’s destination
  • Handling customs clearance, import duty/VAT, airline handling, excise duty, airport transfer fees
  • Arranging bonded warehousing
  • Managing complex freight forwarding and air freight logistics operations
  • Integration of services like pallet building, packing, distribution, air-side supervision etc for complex air freight import shipments
  • Airport to airport or door to door service for managing full/ part transit lengths of airfreight shipments
  • Providing details of freight movements including custom tariffs, carrier fees, insurance, packaging requirements and other legal documentations to clients
  • Offering access to real time updates about shipments
  • Buyers consolidation.
  • Movement and handling of project cargo, and more.

Our air freight import facilities and groundbreaking services accelerate your business and meet all your air freight needs.